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Fluorite refractor, mounted on top, can be used for guiding or imaging with cooled PIXEL 211 CCD camera.  Note 12" setting circle on Dec axis.  RA axis setting circle is also 12".

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Focusing knob, on 12", moves the primary mirror via belt drive and 3 internal focusing spindles.  This provides for smooth focus with reduced image shift.  Fine focus is accomplished with the large rack and pinion focuser.

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The 60 mm solar telescope, mounted below the 12", has red energy rejection filter at objective end.  Note machined rigid tube mounting hardware.

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The heart of the 60 mm Solar scope is a DayStar .7 A University Model H Alpha filter.  In order to provide for the required f 30 light cone, a barlow has been mounted in the rear of the tube assembly.   A small CCD camera is mounted on the rear of the DayStar filter.  Solar images may be observed or captured on a computer.  Note the non-rotating helical focuser which provides smooth accurate focusing.

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Please come back and visit soon, as we will be adding our astronomy program and astro photos.