An Anomalous Family

Looking back over the past 18 months, we have seen the phases of life both wax and wane.  After 38 years at the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Gene reluctantly retired from his position of I&C Systems Engineering Section Leader. This was a very hard decision to make as he felt that his obligations and contributions to the lab were not yet completed.   Thankfully, Sharon had arranged a 1 month trip to New Zealand and Australia to help ease the transition to a life of leisure…. we wish. Sharon’s father, Art, went along on the trip, as he always had wanted to see Australia.  In spite of the fact that he was 90 years old and partially disabled, he did great at traveling and without ever a complaint.  A great time was had by all of us and we hope to revisit the Southern Hemisphere again, especially the outback and the rain forests.

May found us recovering from the trip and getting all that was neglected for a month back into order.  We made our yearly pilgrimage to Big Bear Lake at the end of the month to attend the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference, as we have done for the past 28 years.

In June we became great grand parents!  Danielle, our grand daughter, gave birth to baby Alex who weighed in at a hefty 7lb and 6oz and had the distinction of being the 5th living generation.  Sharon’s father, our oldest and only living parent, was ecstatic over baby Alex and constantly reminding everyone as to his lineage. 

Gene had spent a lot of time tweaking and improving “Sail Cat”, our 15” catamaran, for safety, reliability and ease of sailing during the past year and now it was time to sail. We spent as much time as possible sailing the local lakes with Ollie, our chow chow, during June and July of ‘03.   

  In August, as the season was soon due to change so was our lives.  Sharon’s father was stricken with a number of strokes in the aftermath of an elective surgery.  He faired the first few very well as he had several years ago.  But, finally he went into a coma and passed away without pain or discomfort.  He had a full and fruitful life!  Now there are only 4 living generations, and so the cycle goes.

  Shortly after, in September, Sharon’s sister Carol underwent surgery, which was worrisome, in view of the events of a month earlier.  She faired the surgery without incident and is now nearly recovered.  She is scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery in the spring of 2004. 

  Sharon continues to work hard to improve from her surgery of 3 years ago and has been taking pain management classes and acupuncture as well as working out on a regular schedule.  Tai Chi is on the to do list for next year. She also spends full time, and then some, running the business as usual

  Gene has been working hard to build up the new microscope division of the business and has been refurbishing and repairing instruments in his basement machine shop.  This has left little time to work on the observatory, but hopefully progress will happen soon.

  We have just celebrated Baby Alex’s first birthday/.  Jackie and Bob hosted a party at a local park with barbeque, food galore and fun for all. Elmo was even in attendance, though he sounded suspiciously like Bob…. But, the kids loved it.  Not so well cherished was the remote controlled flatulence machine that Elmo had planted under one of the picnic tables.

  Stay tuned for more adventures of the Anomalous Family….. June 13, 2004 

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