Roy and Joan Bommarito
Derrick & Ashley

Attached are a few photos of what we've (Derrick & I) been up to since we bought our 15! Just bought it mid July sailed it couple times with it's original sails on it from 1974......Blew out the Jib.... so we decided that with two of us wanting to sail and we are on an economy kick????? (with a sail boat?) we also owe a Force 5 and taking 2 cars and finding parking for the two become a Pain in the Post End! While waiting for new sails to come in, from EBAY $200, for a Brand new set.....Little smaller than original set but for the price went for it and got them. Make one trailer to carry both boats.... It works well but launching both can take a little time and it's a double dip in the water.  Now we both Sail our own boats and we switch off on
each other for different sail fun.






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