Eugene & Sharon Cisneros & Ollie


 Left:  Mr. Oliver (Ollie) waits anxiously for his first sailing experience.  Since that first outing, Ollie is the first to board.

Right:  Gene and Ollie making ready for sailing on Lake Del Valle in Livermore, CA.

Here is "Sail Cat" in pretty much the condition in which we found her.
The PVC tubes are materials for trailer mounted cat boxes.



Hobie 16 rudders adapted to V15
This is an easy mod. and greatly improves the handling of the V15.

I have routed the rudder plate 1/16" deep for a better fit, but it really isn't necessary.  The plate must be located with the same relationship to the cord of the rudder as with the original rudder.  I just laid the old rudder on top of the Hobie with the cords and one of the holes lined up and then marked through the original holes.  I then plugged the unused holes with marine filler.


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They say that a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into......
Actually, when you think about it, sailing can be a very inexpensive aspect of boating compared to most.  The wind is free; no $3/gal
fuel required!  No noise, no pollution.....just fun.

VC 15 plus Modifications and Upgrades Cost
VC 15 $  400
New trampoline $  200
Mast float $    75
Hawaiian righting system $    50
Down haul $    18
H16 rudders (used) $  100
Trailer lights $    35
PVC Pipe and hardware $  100
Small parts $    50

Total as of 2004

Spare trailer tire $    40
Spare tire mount $    29

Total as of 2005


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