Greg Cohan


This is my Venture 15, being sailed by a friend and his wife on Kingswood Lake in N.H.  The sails and new trampoline were made by Morelli Performance Sails (see resources page). I've had the boat since 1996 and have sailed it mostly in New England.

Here are a few details.

Illustrates holes drilled in rudders and bracket through which a galvanize nail is inserted to keep the rudders in an elevated position.
Shows the furling disk at the bottom of the jib.  My guess is that this was custom made by the previous owner (my wife's uncle who worked in a machine shop that specialized in marine hardware-including 12 meter yacht hardware).
Stainless steel block that is secured to mast to retain solid stainless stays/shrouds and top of forestay.  Each of these three stainless rods is free to move upwardly through the block and is retained by a solid ball at its end.
Adjustable stay/shroud anchors I've assembled from various pieces of hardware.

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