Brad Gwinn

The Venture is apparently an early one; banana shaped hulls, and it came with a jib and the crossbar, as indicated in the earlier manual. The tramp is the first thing I'll be ordering to get this ready to go!
My parents have retired to Lake Livingston, about 100 miles north of Houston. They have a neighbor who rarely visits the lake, and had the VC 15 sitting on a trailer in his yard, unused, for years. He finally just wanted to get rid of it, and told my mother "first come, first served!  Haul it away"!  The license plate on the trailer has Arkansas tags, last updated in 1990. The main sail appears to be in good shape, but the jib shows signs of rotting.
Once I get the boat in working condition, I'll be testing my skills, along with my kids, on the relatively calm waters of Lake Livingston. Once we've mastered it, however, we'll be heading to nearby Clear Lake and the Gulf of Mexico!  We're very excited about it!

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