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Beaver, Beaver County, Oklahoma, U.



Westcott's description

Beaver, Beaver County, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Type:  Stone.  Olivine-hypersthene chondrite (L5)
Location:  36o48’ N., 100o32’ W.
Found:  circa 1938-1940
Recognized:  1981
Ref: “Catalogue of Meteorites”, 4th Edition, Graham, Bevan & Hutchison, P. 65 (1985).

According to the report in the “Catalogue of Meteorites”, “A single mass of 25.628 kg. was found in use as a door-stop in the county jail in Beaver.  It had been there for about 40 years.”   Jim Westcott of Sedona, Arizona, who prepared the meteorite and initially distributed the slices, reports “it was found by a farmer, who struck it with his plow for eight consecutive years before he dug it up and took it to the house.  When the county sheriff saw and hefted this heavy rock he asked to borrow it.  The Beaver meteorite went to work in the county jail as a doorstop.  It was recognized as a meteorite on October 13, 1981, at which time it was relieved from its law enforcement duties”.  The accompanying black & white photograph shows the complete Beaver meteorite before it was cut.

This full slice has 100% fusion crust around the perimeter.  There are some minor, discontinuous, natural hairline cracks in the slice, but it is very solid and exhibits a huge quantity of pinpoints of fresh metal scattered over both cut surfaces of the slice.  Both sides of the slice have been professionally lapped and polished.

Serial number: W 5-2 (W = Westcott collection)
Weight:  302.65 grams
Order Item: ME-731
Price: SOLD


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