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TYPE I D)  31.74 grams

TYPE I E)  41.86 grams

Iron, with silicate inclusions.  (IAB) “CM” REF: none (NEW!), “ARN’S” REF: P. 48.  The main mass was found in 1987 by a farmer, in the process of plowing, according to the “ARN’S” REF.  There are two additional references to the Caddo Co., OK meteorite -- see “Meteoritics and Planetary Science”, as follows: Vol. 30, No. 5, P. 485, and Vol. 32, No. 4, P. A11 and A28.  Basic information about silicated iron meteorites appears in “Rocks From Space”, First Edition, O. R. Norton, P. 233.   After the main mass was found, H. Smith, an astute meteorite collector, went back to the original site and located several additional fragments with a metal detector.....the specimens described and pictured here are from the additional find made by H. Smith, mentioned on P. 48 of the “ARN’S” REF.  Since the Caddo County silicated iron specimens were recovered from beneath the surface of the soil, the exterior surfaces of the specimens are oxidized due to having been buried.  With low power magnification (10X is sufficient) one can see small inclusions of yellowish-brown Olivine on most specimens.  Three groups of specimens are offered, differentiated by their method of preparation: 

TYPE I - Cut and polished specimens - Each of the specimens in this group has one cut and polished surface, with the sides and backs in natural condition, as shown in the accompanying photographs.  The Olivine is yellowish-brown in color.  The metal content of this silicated iron meteorite varies, and is present as tiny pinpoints and/or small veinlets.  Pricing is @ +/- $9.00  / gram for item A), +/- $8.50 / gram for item B), and +/- $7.50 / gram for items C) through H). 

D)  31.74 grams   2     X 1 1/2 X   3/8” $238.00  SOLD
E)  41.86 grams   2 1/8 X 1 1/8 X   5/8” $314.00 SOLD


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