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Stone. Olivine-hypersthene chondrite (L6). "CM" REF: P. 324. "ARNíS" REF: P. 288. Found: 1937. Two fragments were found, weighing a total of only 3.7 kg., in 1937. An additional stone, weighing 13.8 kg., was recovered in 1967. This specimen is number H67.46 from the Glenn Huss (American Meteorite Laboratory) collection -- an end cut taken from the 13.8 kg. specimen. The front of the specimen has been cut and polished, and the photo at the upper left (front view) shows a mottled brown stone matrix, with numerous tiny metal pinpoints. One edge of the specimen is also polished, same as the front. The back view shows the reddish-brown fusion crust, with the original Glenn Huss number displayed in the upper left corner.

Size: 146.40 grams, 4 1/4" long X 2 1/4" high X up to 3/4" thick.
Price / gram: $20
Specimen price: $2,928  SOLD



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