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The following list has been compiled from several research papers, covering the subject of minerals which have been identified in meteorites. Most of the minerals found in meteorites have also been found here on Earth, however, there are a few exceptions. Minerals which have been identified only from meteorites, and have not been found on the Earth, are indicated by an asterisk (*). Terrestrial minerals found within meteorites, which are in stock here, are marked with a pound sign (#).

Numerous collectors have expressed an interest in acquiring, for comparison-reference collection, examples of terrestrial minerals which have been found in meteorites. An excellent article, covering this subject, appears in "Researches on Meteorites", entitled "The Minerals of Meteorites", by Brian Mason, P. 145-163, listing 34 minerals known to have been found in meteorites. This work was published in 1961, and many more discoveries have been documented since that time. Additional information appears in the "Handbook of Iron Meteorites", V. F. Buchwald, Vol. I, P. 87-113 (1975), in which 49 mineral species were reported to have been identified in unweathered iron meteorites. Anyone who does not have these references in their library, and is interested in building a reference collection of the terrestrial minerals found in meteorites, may request Xerox copies of these articles in connection with an order for specimens from this section of our web site. The list below contains the names of more than 125 minerals which have been identified in meteorites, as of 199....this list was condensed from the references given, following the mineral list. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who is reading this, and is aware of other papers concerning this subject, would let us know where we can find additional information so that we can include the information in our list of minerals found within meteorites. It is our goal to compile a master list of the minerals found in meteorites, combining all of the data we can collect on the subject. To date, the list we have on file contains over 80 species. The summary of references, from which we have prepared this list, appears at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to add examples of any of the following terrestrial minerals to your reference/research collection, simply print out a copy of this mineral list and snail mail, email, or FAX it to us. The minerals in stock are marked with a #. Check off the minerals of interest to you, and specify the size of specimens you are interested in. Please provide us with any other important information you feel would help us in making selections for your collection. We will respond with a written quotation, based upon your want list and tailored to your requirements. We appreciate your patience in awaiting written quotations, after you have sent us your want list/order. Our mineral, meteorite, and book business is an extremely busy concern and all want lists, no matter how lengthy, will receive our very personalized attention. We hope you can appreciate that we will do the best possible job of selecting specimens that are suited to your collecting requirements, as well as providing accurate, complete descriptions of the specimens selected for you.

A - H

I - Z


Alabandite #

Albite #

Andradite #

Anorthite #


Augite #

Awaruite #

Baddeleyite #

Barringerite *

Blodite #

Breunnerite #

Brezinaite *

Brezinaite *

Brianite *


Buchwaldite *

Calcite #

Carlsbergite *


Chalcopyrite #



Chlorapatite #

Chromite #




Copper #


Corundum #

Cristobalite #

Cronstedtite #

Cubanite #

Daubreelite *

Diamond #

Diopside #


Dolomite #

Enstatite #

Epsomite #

Farringtonite *


Fayalite #

Ferrosilite #

Forsterite (Olivine) #

Gehlenite #

Gentnerite *

Gold #

Graftonite #

Graphite #

Grossular #

Gypsum #

Halite #

Haxonite *

Heazlewoodite #

Heideite *


Hibonite #

Hypersthene #


Ilmenite #

Kaersutite #



Kosmochlor *

Krinovite *

Lawrencite *

Limonite #

Lonsdaleite *

Mackinawite #

Magnesite #

Magnetite #

Majorite *

Marcasite #

Melilite #

Merrihueite *


Molybdenite #

Monticellite #

Nepheline #

Niningerite *

Oldhamite *

Olivine # (Forsterite)

Osbornite *

Panethite *

Pentlandite #

Perovskite #



Plagioclase #

Pyrite #

Pyrrhotite #

Quartz #


Richterite #

Ringwoodite *

Roedderite *

Rutile #

Sarcopside #

Schreibersite *

Serpentine #

Sinoite *

Sodalite #

Sphalerite #

Spinel #

Stanfieldite *

Sulfur #

Sylvite #



Tridymite #

Troilite #

Valleriite #


Whitlockite #

Wollastonite #


Yagiite *

Zircon #

minmet01.jpg (15652 bytes)
Olivine-hypersthene chondrite (L6)
Mbale, Uganda (witnessed fall 1992)

minmet02.jpg (21902 bytes)
Terrestrial -- native carbon
Ratnapura District,
Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

minmet03.jpg (19715 bytes)
Terrestrial -- magnesium iron silicate
Tias, Lanzarotte, Canary Islands

minmet04.jpg (16263 bytes)
Terrestrial -- iron sulfide
Alta Mine, Del Norte County,
California, USA

minmet05.jpg (18343 bytes)
AWARUITE (Josephinite)
Terrestrial -- nickel-iron
Josephine Creek,
Josephine County, Oregon, USA

minmet06.jpg (7855 bytes)
Terrestrial -- magnesium aluminum oxide
Mogok District, North of
Mandalay, Upper Burma

minmet07.jpg (8211 bytes)
Terrestrial -- aluminous pyroxene
Mt. Etna, Sicily



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9. "The Opaque Minerals in Stony Meteorites", P. Ramdohr (1973).

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