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 UV Blocking Eyewear


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Model UVC-803

Model UVC-503

  Model UVC-303

Model UVC-503



Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with shortwave ultraviolet sources. Shortwave UV radiation can cause delayed reaction of sunburn to unprotected eyes and skin. The eyewear eliminates "blue haze" associated with the longwave UV. Choose from three styles of comfortable eye/face protection: spectacles, goggles or faceshield.

Model UVC-303  Part Number 98-0002-01 The spectacles are made of impact resistant polycarbonate. The top and side shield design provides full UV protection for the eyes.

Model UVC-503  Part Number 98-0002-02  Goggles are constructed of specially-formulated plastic giving optimum viewing contrast and lessened eye fatigue. The lightweight design and flexible rubber trim of the goggles fit comfortably on the face, even over prescription glasses. Air vents are located on each side of the goggles to allow air flow while blocking UV. Goggles comply with ANSI-Z87.1 1986 specifications for eye and face protection devices 

Model UVC-803  Part Number 98-0002-04  The Faceshield covers the face and neck area, and complies with ANSI-Z87.1 1986 specifications for eye and face protection devices. 

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Never look into a UV lamp while it is turned on, as UV sources can injure your eyes.  UV protective glasses should be used when using UV sources, which can cause burning to unprotected eyes and skin.  Do not allow children to use, or play with, any UV source.




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