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HandHeld Ultraviolet Lamps, 6 Watt

Model Part Number Description Volts $ US
UVG-54 95-0004-09 Hand Held UV Lamp, SW 115 $324.00
UVG-54 95-0004-10 Hand Held UV Lamp, SW, CE 230 $324.00
UVGL-55 95-0005-05 Hand Held UV Lamp, SW & LW, CSA/UL 115 $296.00
UVGL-55 95-0005-06 Hand Held UV Lamp, SW & LW, CE 230 $296.00
UVGL-58 95-0007-05 Hand Held UV Lamp, SW & LW, CSA/UL 115 $381.00
UVGL-58 95-0007-06 Hand Held UV Lamp, SW & LW, CE 230 $381.00
UVL-56 95-0006-02 Hand Held UV Lamp, LW, CSA/UL 115 $207.00
UVL-56 95-0006-03 Hand Held UV Lamp, LW, CE 230 $207.00
UVM-57 95-0104-01 Hand Held UV Lamp, MR, CSA/UL 115 $373.00
UVM-57 95-0104-02 Hand Held UV Lamp, MR, CE 230 $373.00
J-129 98-0016-03 Lamp Stand   $126.00

1.  Many models are also available for operation with 100VAC electrical service.
2.  All 230V models are shipped bare wire leads on cable.  The CE Marking provides a means for a manufacturer to demonstrate that a
      product complies with a common set of laws required by all of the countries in the EEA to allow free movement of trade within the EEA
3.  Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
3.  SW- Shortwave 254nm UV, MR- Midrange 302nm UV, LW- Longwave 365nm UV.
4.  Viewing Cabinet for use with EL Series Lamps - C-10E Cabinet part number: 95-0072-08 (See Viewing Cabinets page)
5.  BLB indicates a UV bulb that has a dark filter material on it that blocks visible wavelengths and passes UV.
6.  SW - shortwave 254nm UV; MR - midrange 302nm UV; LW - longwave 365nm UV
7.  Viewing Cabinet for use with Hand Held Lamps - C-10 Cabinet part number: 95-0072-01 (See Viewing Cabinets page)


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Never look into a UV lamp while it is turned on, as UV sources can injure your eyes.  UV protective glasses should be used when using UV sources, which can cause burning to unprotected eyes and skin.  Do not allow children to use, or play with, any UV source.



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